More Bible Studies and Activities for Internationals

The activities on this page are not sponsored by International Fellowship, but are posted here because you may find them interesting. Please check with the contact addresses here, as times and locations may change.

Depending on the groups, the information below may be out of date.

In addition to the activities listed below, you can find activities listed on our joint calendar at UWInternationals.

Fish & Rice

We invite you to our house for "Fish and Rice" for a Bible discussion. Come to 602 Langdon Street, Friday, at 7 pm. There is a meal the first Friday of the month.

Ask us about learning English, conversational partners, short term cross cultural service projects and Bible studies...

Looking forward to hearing from you! Rose Turnley, 206-4062.

International Friendship Center

The International Friendship Center is located in Calvary Chapel on the corner of State St. and Lake St.

We offer English conversation groups everyday and four Bible studies a week. Our weekend activities include stays in American homes, ski trips, museum visits, parties etc.

Come and join us! Contact Judy Tang or visit our website.

International Conversation and Coffee Hour

During the semester, every Friday, 12-2 PM in Union South. See TITU for room. [Note: we have not seen this scheduled yet this semester.]